Shandong JINLUN Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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There are a number of reasons that make JINLUN a great plywood machinery supplier: we're the leading Chinese manufacturer of veneer lathe makers, we're nationally patented and develop innovative designs, and we're committed to caring for our employees and the environment. But we want you to choose us for the services we'll provide you: high quality and advanced plywood machinery, local technical support to help you with any problems with your equipment, and a competitive start to your own woodworking business.

1. State-of-the-Art Designs
JINLUN employs a number of professional engineers who lead our research and development team and have developed 10 nationally patented designs. JINLUN is the only veneer lathe maker in China's woodworking machinery manufacturing industry to be CE certified, allowing us to lead the domestic veneer machinery supplier and become an internationally recognized brand.

2. Quality Raw Materials
Our raw materials are all from standard and well-known suppliers with whom we've developed good relationships with so that we are confident in the quality of our materials.

3. Excellent Processing Equipment
JINLUN owns over 120 sets of large-scale processing equipment, operated by our skilled and experienced employees. These durable and highly precise machines allow us to better quality products.

4. Strict Quality Test
Besides our processing equipment, we also own advanced quality testing equipment and measuring instruments. Our professional quality control team tests each of our plywood machines and accessories, which we only sell if they pass our tests 100%.

5. Professional and Considerate Service
Our professional service team is happy to help you even after you've purchased plywood machinery. When you call our hot lines, you will be speaking directly within engineers and our overseas agents will provide local help to install and replace parts for your plywood machinery.

6. High Quality Veneers
Finished veneers from our veneer peeling lathe have consistent thickness, smoothness and length, which means you'll be able to sell them for a better price.