Shandong JINLUN Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

No. 58, Volvo Road, Economic Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

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When you choose JINLUN as your plywood machinery manufacturer and distributor, you will get more than quality machines. You will also receive great customer service and knowledgeable technical support from our team. Your satisfaction is always our goal. Below are extra services we offer for you:

1. We partner with local agents who are directly responsible for installation, doing trial runs of, and maintaining our woodworking machines. They will also be able to replace or repair any broken accessories. Our local partners are convenient and time-saving for our customers.

2. The price of our products, including log cutters, log debarkers, veneer peeling lathes and hot presses, stays the same in both domestic and overseas markets. Ask our sales representative for pricing information.

3. Our plywood machines have a one-year warranty for electric motors and reducers. Local agents will install and perform a trial one. You may also directly contact JINLUN for installation.

4. We supply our agents with a small stock of parts that wear out more quickly, saving you the time of placing an order and waiting for shipping if you ever have any problems.

5. For larger orders, both our technicians and our local agents will inspect all machines before shipping and installing.

6. Problems caused by normal wear-and-tear of plywood machines can usually be easily fixed. However, if there are larger problems, our local agents will inspect the machine and repair or replace any parts as needed.