Shandong JINLUN Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

No. 58, Volvo Road, Economic Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

Tel.: +86-539-6017997

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As our business has grown, so has the international popularity of JINLUN's woodworking machinery. Currently, we export plywood machinery to over 20 countries and regions, including Russia, Mexico, Italy, India, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Ghana, Nigeria, and the European Union.

Whether we provide sawmills, log debarkers, veneer machines, and plywood presses to a large-scale woodworking factory or a small timber mill, we've been honored to meet the people behind the company. These people become more than just a production order on the other end of the line. They visit our facilities, partner with us in designing customized machines, and often become good friends and business partners. Here are just a few of our long-term customers.

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