Shandong JINLUN Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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  • Company Profile

    When JINLUN's president Li Yuming saw how easily wood peelers would split or damage logs they were processing, creating so much unnecessary waste, he knew there was a more sustainable way to do business. In 1999, he founded JINLUN to design and manufacture log cut off saws, log debarkers, veneer peeling lathes, and hot presses that were efficient and powerful enough to do the jobs they needed to.

    In the first year, Li designed a new veneer lathe, which used a rotating versus fixed spindle, and patented the product. Since then our talented research and development has obtained over twenty national patents and we continue to improve and upgrade the features of our plywood machinery. We've since become the largest veneer peeling lathe manufacturer in China, the first one to be CE certified, and our brand continues to be recognized for its quality products.

    At JINLUN, we believe we are a part of a community and are committed to developing sustainable business practices within our company and our industry so that better products appear on the market and our environment is well-respected and cared for. Our company and our machinery including sawmills, log peelers, spindleless veneer lathes and veneer presses have successively obtained ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS1800 certificates for quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental protection.

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  • History

  • JINLUN's president Li Yuming saw a number of problems with the way plywood machines processed timber, such as how easily the wood split in the peeler and how larger or more irregularly shaped logs could damage the machine while peeling. In July of 1999, he founded JINLUN in order to find new solutions for these problems plaguing the industry.

    In March, 2000, Li invented a veneer lathe pressure bar, which turned the spindle from a fixed part to a rotating one. A rotary spindle reduced the resistance against the wood during peeling and reduced damage to the log and the machine by 95%. He obtained a national patent for the invention (Patent No.: ZL002138387).

    By 2004, JINLUN had obtained ten national patents for our woodworking machinery and became recognized as a high tech enterprise by China's Science and Technology Bureau.

    In 2006, JINLUN spindleless veneer lathe received CE certificates, one of the first veneer lathe manufacturers to receive one.

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  • Company Honors

  • JINLUN is the largest veneer peeling lathe manufacturer in the province of Shandong, China. Since our beginnings, we have sought to maintain excellent quality control over our products while also keeping our employees safe and healthy and respecting the role we have in protecting our natural resources. We always follow the standards of ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS18000.

    In May of 2007, we were awarded three certificates for our quality control systems, environment protection system and occupational health and safety system, thanks to the dedicated effort and care of our staff. Since then, we've continued to ensure that our products and systems are in compliance not only with China's standards but also international standards so that our saws, log debarkers, veneer lathes and hot presses can be used globally in our customers' woodworking companies.

    • GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001: 2008
    • GB/T 24001-2004/ISO 14001: 2004
    • GB/T 28001-2001/ OHSAS 18001:1999
    • Good Standardizing Practice Certificate
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  • Why Us

  • 1. State-of-the-Art Designs
    JINLUN employs a number of professional engineers who lead our research and development team and have developed 10 nationally patented designs. JINLUN is the only veneer lathe maker in China's woodworking machinery manufacturing industry to be CE certified, allowing us to lead the domestic veneer machinery supplier and become an internationally recognized brand.

    2. Quality Raw Materials
    Our raw materials are all from standard and well-known suppliers with whom we've developed good relationships with so that we are confident in the quality of our materials.

    3. Excellent Processing Equipment
    JINLUN owns over 120 sets of large-scale processing equipment, operated by our skilled and experienced employees. These durable and highly precise machines allow us to better quality products.

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  • Sustainable Development

  • At JINLUN, we are a part of a community. We can't cut corners or produce poor work because not only will we suffer, but so will our community. We are committed to developing sustainable business practices within our company and our industry so that better products appear on the market and our environment is well-respected and cared for.

    1. Enterprise
    JINLUN began because our founder, Li Yuming saw a need for better plywood machinery. His first invention reduced the chance of logs being split or damaged during the peeling process, which led to our veneer peeling and cutting machines to be one of our most popular products. In the last 15 years, we have obtained more than ten patents for our machinery. Our research and development team stay up-to-date with new technology and frequently redesign our products to have more efficient and user-friendly features. It is not just our products we develop sustainable practices for. We also look for innovative and better ways to manage, care for our employees with good wages and benefits, and care for our environment by reducing waste in our industry.

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