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    1. Debarker (for 4 Feet Log)A hydraulic feeding device processes logs faster and adjustable settings allow the wood peeler to debark and trim different sizes and types of logs. A manual reverse switch with a self-reset function responds quickly for convenient and safe use.
    1. Debarker (for 8 Feet Log)The 8 Feet double roll debarker is perfect for large scale woodworking factories needing to debark and trim logs. Logs are fed from the single roller into the wood peeler, and then double rollers send the debarked log directly to the veneer peeling lathe.
    1. Debarker (with Horizontal Spindle) The large gear log debarkers. Our debarking equipment uses a mechanical feed which is more powerful and accurate than that of hydraulic debarkers, and can process logs with a diameter of 74-420mm using a range of 9 to 16.5 Kw of power.
    1. Debarker (with Vertical Spindle)The log debarking machine, driven by a large gear, applies a mechanical feed that ensures higher power and accuracy than that of hydraulic log peeler. Powered by 19Kw motor, the wood debarker allows efficient woodworking.
    1. Veneer Lathe (for 4 Feet Log, Spindle-Less)This veneer lathe for 4 feet log is a spindle-less log peeling machine configured with CNC controlled PC and requiring one-man operation; it is easy for anyone to learn in a short time.
      The large and colorful touch screen makes the operation much easier;
    1. Veneer Lathe (for 8 Feet Log, Spindle-Less)The large and colorful touch screen of our rotary peeling machine further facilitates the operation; moreover, it can significantly save costs and effectively improve productivity.
    1. Veneer Lathe (for 10 feet Log, Spindle-Less)The main feeding motor is configured with a Taiwan made servo motor that is able to guarantee smooth operation during low-speed working condition;
    1. Veneer Lathe (with Spindle)Thickness of the thinnest face veneer this plywood machine can make is 0.12mm, and the veneer thickness tolerance is within 0.03mm. This enables the veneer machine to be widely used for making plywood face veneer.
    1. Spindleless Veneer Lathe without Slicer (8 Feet)Spindleless veneer lathe without slicer can peel and cut separately , its speed is adjusted. It features of high efficiency, and is easy to operate.
    1. Wood Veneer Slicer (8 Feet)The wood veneer slicer is used for slicing wood veneer, its speed is adjusted. This wood working machine is easy for workers to take the veneer.
  • Veneer ComposerThe exciting benefit that this veneer core builder brings to you is that it is remarkably labor-saving. To be specific, about 11 workers are needed to work for 8 hours per day to complete the production of core veneer using this veneer core composer.
  • Automatic Panel SawFeaturing small size, compact structure, high accuracy, easy maintenance, good durability and wide range of applications, this automatic panel saw is superior to the manual saw and can effectively increase the working speed and enlarge the production capacity.
    1. 200T Hot Press (Pressing Machine for Wood Door and Panel )The hot press comes with a special heating system which employs a heat transference oil boiler that features a countercurrent flow and a high temperature, and lowers the system pressure to meet safety requirements. The heat system's closed circulation transfers energy via liquid ...
    1. 500T Hot Press Machine (for Decorative Veneered Panel)Ideal for use in furniture factories and artificial board secondary processing (major veneering) factories for pressing building partitions, wooden panels, decorative veneered panels, etc.
    1. 800-3200T Hot Press Machine (Heavy Duty)The 800-3200T hot press machine is ideal for use in furniture factories and artificial board secondary processing (major veneering) factories for pressing building partitions, wooden panels, etc. The hot press also works for drying and leveling, particularly decorative wood chip leveling.
    1. Automatic Veneer Dryer (for Core Veneer)Core veneer drying line is applicable for the core veneer with the thickness ranging from 1.0mm to 6.5mm. Bark and other tree waste can be used as the fuels for this drying line, significantly saving the cost.
    1. Manual Veneer Dryer (for Core Veneer)The cost is much lower than that of the automatic veneer drying line.
      Economical and energy-saving;
      Either thermal oil or hot steam can be used as the heating medium;
    1. Veneer Dryer (for Face Veneer)Bark and other tree waste can be used as fuels for this drying line, greatly saving the cost. Technical staff for installation service is available.
    1. 8 Feet Veneer Production LineThe 8 feet veneer production line consists of log conveyor for debarker, log debarking machine, log feeding machine for peeling lathe, veneer peeling machine and veneer conveyor.
      Continuous link, production runs smoothly from the log to veneer.
    1. 4ft Veneer Production LineThis 1.3mveneer production line contains a series of highly automated equipment used for veneer peeling. The maximum width of the applicable log is 1340mm; the maximum width of the veneer is 1280mm; and the maximum peeling speed is up to 65m/min.
    1. 4x8' plywood Production LineOur 4×8’ automatic plywood production line consists of a veneer production line, a veneer composer, a gluing machine, a plywood forming machine, a cold press machine, a heat press machine, a sanding machine, an edging saw, etc.
    1. 8ft Veneer Production LineThis 2.6m veneer production line is composed of a number of highly automated equipment used for veneer peeling. The maximum width of the applicable log is 2650mm; the maximum width of the veneer is 2570mm; and the maximum peeling speed is 48m/min.
    1. MDF/HDF Production LineOur MDF/HDF production line is highly productive and capable of outputting 50,000-200,000CBM medium-density fiberboards or high-density fiberboards per year.
    1. OSB Production LineOSB production line, featuring advanced technology, high production efficiency, excellent stability and reliability, has the annual output of oriented strand boards of 50,000-200,000CBM.
    1. Log Debarker (for 5-50mm Diameter Log)Jinlun log bebarker handles logs from 50mm down to 5mm in diameter. Usually placed ahead of the rotary veneer cutter, the wood tree debarker serves to make the log round and straight. When working efficiency matters, Jinlun log debarker could be an ideal choice as one such unit can supplies the amount of debarked log needed by 2 or 3 rotary veneer cutters.
    1. Wood Chipper (with Hammer Mill Function)Rated at 8 to 15 tons per hour, Jinlun wood chipper handles large logs in diameter no less than 300mm. The resultant wood chips are generally 2cm to 5cm long.
    1. Wood Pellet MillThis wood pellet mill is essentially a ring die pellet machine that fills the void in Chinese pelletizing industry. Built to advanced international standards, the wood pellet machine features a rigid ring die that is specially designed for extruding biomass materials that are not possibly done by flat ring extrusion.
    1. Face Veneer CutterThis CNC controlled face veneer cutting machine can automatically calculate the exact size of veneer according to user needs. The configuration of automatic reverse gear is available for grade selection or hole making.
    1. Glue Mixer
    1. Glue SpreaderJINLUN’s simple and durable glue spreader is used for gluing the core veneer or face veneer for plywood. It can achieve smooth and uniform single-side gluing and double-side gluing while greatly saving glues and labors.
    1. Wide Belt SanderOur wide belt sander features cast frame, high rigidity, excellent vibration and absorption effect;
      Fault display for easy repair and maintenance; the power-off protection of this plywood sanding machine can prevent the workpiece from damage;
    1. Veneer SlicerJINLUN’s veneer slicer is a high precision woodworking equipment used for producing the decorative veneers ready for being pasted on wood-base board, furniture, floor base, etc.

Plywood Machinery (Log Handling and Plywood Manufacturing Equipment)

At JINLUN, we are a part of a community. We can't cut corners or produce poor work because not only will we Because plywood won't warp easily and has a high tensile strength across the grain, it's a key material for use in furniture, wood flooring, construction, and packaging industries. Making plywood becomes an increasingly important job in the woodworking industry and our plywood machinery is ideal for processing basswood, ash, birch, elm, poplar, and other types of timber.

JINLUN sells complete sets of plywood production equipment as well as individual log handling and plywood manufacturing equipment pieces, including sawmills, log debarkers, veneer peeling lathes, and veneer stockers. A full set of automatic plywood machinery requires only three operators and can match the output of four sets of veneer lathes. For producing veneer that is 2mm thick, our plywood production line can process 80-100m3 logs in eight hours, a significant output that can give you a competitive edge in the woodworking industry.

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  • Interior Decoration
  • Office Supplies
  • Combined Type Loudspeaker Box

The production process of a full automatic plywood production line is as follows
1. One person operates the sawmill to cut logs to a certain uniform length equal to the length of veneer you need to produce.

2. Cut logs are placed on a storage rack.

3. One person operates the log debarker to remove bark and branches on the cut log and make it round. The debris removed from the cut log will automatically be discarded.

4. Debarked and trimmed logs are moved to two automatic plywood production lines for veneer peeling, clipping and stacking.

5. Before being moved to the veneer lathe, the sawn and trimmed logs are placed on a storage rack where their diameters are measured and recorded in the veneer peeling machine's computer system.

6. After receiving the diameter, the veneer peeling lathe will automatically open its mouth to be 20mm wider than the diameter of the log. When the log is fed into the veneer lathe, the machine will peel and clip according to the set width. The rotary cut speed reaches 50m/min, but begins and ends peeling gradually so as to reduce the chance of accidents.

7. The veneer lathe automatically knocks down the wood core and moves it out of the production line.

8. An automatic electronic sensor in the veneer transporting equipment recognizes incomplete veneers and discards them.

9. Complete veneers are moved to the automatic stacker for stacking. When the stacker is full, it is moved away from the line of production.

10. The whole plywood production line requires only two operators and a third person to assist in handling any problems that may occur during production.

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