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Other Plywood Machines

    1. Face Veneer CutterThis CNC controlled face veneer cutting machine can automatically calculate the exact size of veneer according to user needs. The configuration of automatic reverse gear is available for grade selection or hole making.
    1. Glue SpreaderJINLUN’s simple and durable glue spreader is used for gluing the core veneer or face veneer for plywood. It can achieve smooth and uniform single-side gluing and double-side gluing while greatly saving glues and labors.
    1. Wide Belt SanderOur wide belt sander features cast frame, high rigidity, excellent vibration and absorption effect;
      Fault display for easy repair and maintenance; the power-off protection of this plywood sanding machine can prevent the workpiece from damage;
    1. Veneer SlicerJINLUN’s veneer slicer is a high precision woodworking equipment used for producing the decorative veneers ready for being pasted on wood-base board, furniture, floor base, etc.

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