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4ft Veneer Production Line

This 1.3m veneer production line contains a series of highly automated equipment used for veneer peeling. The maximum width of the applicable log is 1340mm; the maximum width of the veneer is 1280mm; and the maximum peeling speed is up to 65m/min. The veneers output by one debarker machine require three peeling machines to deal with; and the daily output of the veneers with the thickness of 1.7mm is about 140CBM (8hours). For more information, please contact us and watch our machine video.

Veneer thickness 0.5-3.6mm
Quantity of operators 5-7 staff for 2-3 peeling lines
Total power 45-90kW
Peeling speed 45-65m/min
Output 33-140CBM/8 hours
Machine video available

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