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Veneer Composer

Here at Jinlun, a prominent woodworking machinery maker in China, we offer customers an excellent veneer composer to build core veneer for plywood. The exciting benefit that this veneer core builder brings to you is that it is remarkably labor-saving. To be specific, about 11 workers are needed to work for 8 hours per day to complete the production of core veneer using this veneer core composer.

The veneer composer is designed with an automatic cutter for cutting the edge of wood veneer, which ensures a more straight veneer edge than that done by manual cutting operation. In addition, core veneer composed by this plywood machinery comes with same direction wood fiber that makes the plywood stronger.

Technical Parameters
Name Veneer composer
Veneer length Less than 2,500mm (Composed of 3/4pcs veneer)
Veneer width Less than 1,300mm
Veneer thickness 0.8-4.0mm
Total power 32Kw
Overall size 10,000mm×2,400mm×2,400mm
Capacity 3,000-4,000pcs/8 hours
Labor saving Save 10 workers
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