Hot Press Machine

    1. 200T Hot Press (Pressing Machine for Wood Door and Panel )The hot press comes with a special heating system which employs a heat transference oil boiler that features a countercurrent flow and a high temperature, and lowers the system pressure to meet safety requirements. The heat system's closed circulation transfers energy via liquid ...
    1. 800-3200T Hot Press Machine (Heavy Duty)The 800-3200T hot press machine is ideal for use in furniture factories and artificial board secondary processing (major veneering) factories for pressing building partitions, wooden panels, etc. The hot press also works for drying and leveling, particularly decorative wood chip leveling.

JINLUN's set of plywood machinery includes the hot press machine, one of the main pieces of equipment in the plywood production process. A hot press machine glues together wood veneers that have been gelatinized, increasing the strength and durability of the wood.

Different kinds of plywood require different amounts of pressure applied by the hot press machine. Making general plywood requires less pressure than making marine plywood, so we have created three different hot press machines: the 200T hot press machine, 500T hot press machine and 800-3200T hot press machine.

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