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500T Hot Press Machine (for Decorative Veneered Panel)

JINLUN's 500T hot press machine is our newly launched plywood making machine, specially designed for international markets. Ideal for use in furniture factories and artificial board secondary processing (major veneering) factories for pressing building partitions, wooden panels, decorative veneered panels, etc., this hot pressing machine bonds furniture plates, building partitions and wooden doors, and it laminates decorative materials such as cloths, veneer, and PVCs to various artificial boards including plywood, core-board, MDF and chipboard.

The hot press also works for drying and leveling, particularly decorative wood chip leveling. Manual and automatic controls make the hydraulic press faster, more precise, and more convenient for international customers to use.
Additionally, it's easy to dissemble and assemble for inexpensive shipping.

JINLUN has long seen the potential of hot presses in a wide range of industries and invests in research and design to continually upgrade our machinery's features for more efficient and better quality machines.

Structural Features of 500T Hot Press Machine
1. Heating Platen

The heating platen is made from a carbon steel plate with drilled holes for strength and durability. A working table of 2700mm×1370mm allows users to easily operate the wood working machine.

2. Heating System
The hot press comes with a special heating system which employs a heat transference oil boiler that features a countercurrent flow and a high temperature, and lowers the system pressure to meet safety requirements. The heat system's closed circulation transfers energy via liquid, thus reducing heat loss and saving overall energy.

3. Hydraulic System
This type of hot press is a hydraulic plywood press with adjustable hydraulic pressure.

4. Oil Cylinder
The oil cylinder is made with high precision tools, and sealants prevent oil from leaking.

5. Control System
Our hot press is equipped with a microcomputer control system for both manual and automatic control. With a simple push of a button you can control a whole set of processes including pressing plate ascending, closing, pressure adding, pressure maintaining, timing and pressing plate descending.

Technical Parameters of 500T Hot Press Machine
Model BY22-4×8/40-15
Plunger cylinder 2pcs, Φ 320mm
Cylinder stroke 1050mm
No-load closing time About 27s
Hydraulic system Manual and automatic control (with international warranty service)
Proof pressure 25Mpa
Main motor power 11Kw
Pressing motor power 5.5Kw
Main oil pump Shanghai Airlines 250 oil pump
Pressing oil pump 10ml/rev
Perforated plate size 2500 ×1300 ×42mm (CE Authentication)
Interlayer spacing 70mm
Mainframe steel plate thickness 40mm, 22mm and 12mm
Upper, lower and moved cross beam height 1000mm,1000mm and 400mm
Main frame size 3600 ×1370 ×4790mm
Moved cross beam steel plate thickness 22mm
Moved cross beam size 2700 × 1370 × 400mm
Frame Full assembly frame

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