Veneer Lathe (Rotary Peeling)

    1. Veneer Lathe (for 4 Feet Log, Spindle-Less)This veneer lathe for 4 feet log is a spindle-less log peeling machine configured with CNC controlled PC and requiring one-man operation; it is easy for anyone to learn in a short time.
      The large and colorful touch screen makes the operation much easier;
    1. Veneer Lathe (for 8 Feet Log, Spindle-Less)The large and colorful touch screen of our rotary peeling machine further facilitates the operation; moreover, it can significantly save costs and effectively improve productivity.
    1. Veneer Lathe (with Spindle)Thickness of the thinnest face veneer this plywood machine can make is 0.12mm, and the veneer thickness tolerance is within 0.03mm. This enables the veneer machine to be widely used for making plywood face veneer.
    1. Wood Veneer Slicer (8 Feet)The wood veneer slicer is used for slicing wood veneer, its speed is adjusted. This wood working machine is easy for workers to take the veneer.

Whether you are a large scale woodworking factory building a veneer production line or a small sawmill purchasing single equipment, the spindleless veneer lathe can offer you the most ideal solution, by enhancing your productivity and reducing your investment cost and risk.

Advantages of JINLUN Veneer Peeling Lathe
1. Completely computer controlled, this wood processing machine can adjust to process logs with a wide range of diameters and peel irregularly shaped logs that cannot be peeled by other veneer lathes with spindles. Less wood is wasted overall.

2. Adjustable and gradually accelerating speeds range from 35m/min to 60m/min.

3. Finished veneers have a consistent thickness and smooth surface. A simple and user-friendly design makes it easy to operate. When maintained and used well, these veneer making machine have a long service life.

4. This rotary veneer lathe can peel logs with large diameters very quickly, producing greater output of finished veneers in a shorter amount of time. Fewer operators are needed to run the machine, saving on labor costs.

5. The spindle-less veneer lathe is practical and efficient for both small sawmills and large-scale woodworking factories. JINLUN offers several variations of our plywood machinery that work well for customers with specific needs.

6. Though designed to be compact to fit into most work spaces, these veneer peeling lathes are still powerful and have the capacity to produce a large output of veneers.

With 15 years of experience in the woodworking industry, JINLUN has become a leading plywood machine manufacturer in China and have an ever-growing base of international customers.

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