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Veneer Lathe (for 4 Feet Log, Spindle-Less)

This veneer lathe for 4 feet log is a spindle-less log peeling machine configured with CNC controlled PC and requiring one-man operation; it is easy for anyone to learn in a short time.
The large and colorful touch screen makes the operation much easier; also, it saves cost and increases production efficiency.

The servo motor of the main feeding motor is made in Taiwan and can generate a smooth operation when the machine works in low speed;
Veneer clipped in the same or separated machines are both available;
Newly added real-time monitor makes repair and after-sale service timely and convenient;
Φ124mm high-strength roller with chromate treatment has higher friction resistance;
High-speed knife boasts longer service life and can enable the veneers to have consistent thickness;

Please contact us for more information and watch our machine video.

Technical Specification
Max. Log Diameter ¢300-500mm
Max. Log Length 1300mm
Speed 34-65m/min
Veneer Thickness 0.1-6.5mm
Knife Size 1400×180×12.7mm
Total Power 21.5kW
Overall Size 2800×2100×1350mm
Weight About 3400kg

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