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Debarker (for 4 Feet Log)

JINLUN's 4 Feet double roll debarker is a newly developed wood peeler, which removes bark and trims logs with a spindle-less veneer lathe. A hydraulic feeding device with automatic front and back feeds keeps the logs moving in and out of the debarker quickly and efficiently. One set of these log peeling machines can produce enough standard logs for two veneer lathes.

The high-efficiency debarker for 4 feet log not only removes a majority of bark from branch and wood, but also straightens rough edges. The tool holder can move under the pressure of two hydraulic arms.

Main Features of the 4 Feet Double Roll Debarker
1. The roller diameter is enlarged, increasing debarking speed.
2. Chrome plated rollers are more wear-resistant. Grooves along the roller surface make it difficult for bark to get stuck around the rollers.
3. Well-designed with quality materials and precise manufacturing, each part ensures continuity of quality work.
4. A hydraulic feeding device processes logs faster and adjustable settings allow the wood peeler to debark and trim different sizes and types of logs.
5. A manual reverse switch with a self-reset function responds quickly for convenient and safe use.
6. A front and back feed keeps the logs moving in and out of the debarker efficiently, and a large oil pump keeps the feeds well-lubricated and working smoothly.

Our hydraulic debarker made using high-quality steels and bearings boasts longer service life than common debarkers.
Please contact us for more information and watch our product video.

Model: 1300mm 4 feet Debarker Technical Parameters
Max. Log Length 1400mm
Max. Log Diameter Ø300- Ø 500mm
Speed 50 meters/min
Blade Size 1400mm×180mm×16mm
Total Power Double roller motor 7.5kW
Single roller motor 7.5kW
Hydraulic roller motor 4kW
Overall Size 3560mm×2150mm×1100mm
Weight About 2400kgs

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