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Timber Processing Machinery and Solutions

Whether you're just beginning a business in the woodworking industry or need a replacement or upgraded piece of machinery, you’re in the right place. We offer a complete set of plywood production machines and individual sawmill, log debarkers, veneer lathes, and hot presses for both small sawmills and large scale woodworking factories. In the 15 years that we have been designing and manufacturing plywood machinery, we have obtained over 20 national patents and become the largest veneer peeling lathe producer in China. Our unique and innovative veneer peeling and cutting machine will save time and increase your output, and our spindles veneer lathes will can process logs of various sizes and irregular shapes, reducing unnecessary waste. CE certified, we export our machines to over twenty countries and work closely with our international customers to design the products you need to succeed.

Main products
    1. Debarker (for 4 Feet Log)A hydraulic feeding device processes logs faster and adjustable settings allow the wood peeler to debark and trim different sizes and types of logs. A manual reverse switch with a self-reset function responds quickly for convenient and safe use.
    1. Debarker (for 8 Feet Log)The 8 Feet double roll debarker is perfect for large scale woodworking factories needing to debark and trim logs. Logs are fed from the single roller into the wood peeler, and then double rollers send the debarked log directly to the veneer peeling lathe.
    1. Veneer Lathe (for 4 Feet Log, Spindle-Less)This veneer lathe for 4 feet log is a spindle-less log peeling machine configured with CNC controlled PC and requiring one-man operation; it is easy for anyone to learn in a short time.
      The large and colorful touch screen makes the operation much easier;
    1. Veneer Lathe (for 8 Feet Log, Spindle-Less)The large and colorful touch screen of our rotary peeling machine further facilitates the operation; moreover, it can significantly save costs and effectively improve productivity.
    1. Veneer ComposerThe exciting benefit that this veneer core builder brings to you is that it is remarkably labor-saving. To be specific, about 11 workers are needed to work for 8 hours per day to complete the production of core veneer using this veneer core composer.
    1. Automatic Panel SawFeaturing small size, compact structure, high accuracy, easy maintenance, good durability and wide range of applications, this automatic panel saw is superior to the manual saw and can effectively increase the working speed and enlarge the production capacity.
    1. 500T Hot Press Machine (for Decorative Veneered Panel)Ideal for use in furniture factories and artificial board secondary processing (major veneering) factories for pressing building partitions, wooden panels, decorative veneered panels, etc.
    1. Automatic Veneer Dryer (for Core Veneer)Core veneer drying line is applicable for the core veneer with the thickness ranging from 1.0mm to 6.5mm. Bark and other tree waste can be used as the fuels for this drying line, significantly saving the cost.
    1. 8 Feet Veneer Production LineThe 8 feet veneer production line consists of log conveyor for debarker, log debarking machine, log feeding machine for peeling lathe, veneer peeling machine and veneer conveyor.
      Continuous link, production runs smoothly from the log to veneer.